This Has Been a Mibba PSA

(Disclaimer: Not singling anyone out or focusing on one person, I've seen this happen recently and over the past year or so).

So I've been browsing on the forums recently and as someone who frequents the confessions thread fairly often, I feel like people are getting it confused with the other threads we got on the site. So I am here to give you a quick PSA on the differences between said threads and its unofficial rules.

WAYT - AKA "What are you thinking?"
This thread is here to literally talk about whatever's on your mind, whether it's trying to make friends or discussing a tv show you like, literally whatever you want (within Mibba guidelines / rules) you can say here. You can start conversations and chat away to your heart's content.

TMI - AKA "too much information"
This thread is for those who want to share stuff that's not something you'd typically share on more of a 'public' thread such as WAYT. It's generally for those who have gross things to share (ie "I did a big poo it was glorious" or "I had lots of sex today". Basically stuff where, if you tell a friend about, they might be like "oh Alex that's so tmi".

This thread is for the people who feel like they need to get something off their chest, maybe they have some struggles they want to share or maybe they're revealing an aspect about themselves that they don't necessarily feel comfortable sharing with others, so posting in the thread may help them. This thread is not to make conversation with other people or to post about random topics like the new TV show you're interested in or something. This is a thread for the people who need a place to share some stuff, like a confessional, so to speak.

Unofficial rules for Confessions:
1) Don't reply to people in confessions. A priest doesn't reply to you when you're making a confessional at church, so understandably, this is how our confessions thread works here too (thanks Ella for helping me word this). To explain it further, the confessions thread is what I think Mibbians see as a safe space to confess things, so (personally) when I see that someone has replied to me, if makes me feel like my safe space has been invaded even though I know everyone can see my post? I'm sure a lot of us read each other's posts but like I said, the point of confessions is to confess. If a Mibbian has an issue they would like help with, they can make a blog or post in WAYT or another relevant thread such as Mibba's Crew to the Rescue or the General Q and A.

In the same vein, if you are going to reply to someone, you can't reply to someone and then leave your message at that. You gotta add something. Otherwise, you may get reported.

2) Confessions is not a thread to chat in or have conversations with. If you want to do that, PM them.

3) If you change your colour font to white or strike out your words or put them in smaller letters, anyone can see what you've written.

4) Confessions isn't a place to talk crap on other members of the site, or on anyone in general. No bashing allowed, period. If you do have a problem with a member of the site, report them to an admin. Remember, others can see what you've posted - confessions is on a public forum, after all.

I think that's it! I'm not a board mod but I have been on Mibba for eight years and I did consult a board mod (thanks Liz!) before posting this so I'm fairly sure my comments are correct. If there is something you'd like to discuss though, feel free to comment on this blog or ask one of the lovely board moderators!
September 12th, 2016 at 04:34pm