I'm Back (Previously Xia;)

Okie dokie. Where do I start?

Firstly, I had an identity crisis over the summer. A good, yet bad one. Lots of shit happened at my internship and so I turned to the one thing that's always supplied me with comfort.


Forget the K-Pop, I have returned as a fully-enthralled, Satan worshiping metalhead who paints pentagrams on her roommates' doors and stakes goat heads out on the dorm lawn.

Anyways, I've returned with a new username and a new story. I was previously Xia; who wrote lots of K-Pop fanfiction and stuff, in case you couldn't remember me. No one probably does remember me, lol, so its like starting anew and fresh!

Though I swore off fanfiction(mostly), my roommate and I am currently obsessing over the German "industrial metal" band Rammstein. Due to the lack of fanfiction featuring them and the fanfic that exists is pretty much all slash in its greatest glory, Jess (clickedy on her name) and I took it upon ourselves to write a Rammstein AU fanfiction with some gore and fucked up-ness. Go check out her profile and be her friend. She's the greatest and I'm so glad to have her as a roommate; it can't be put into words.

Sappiness over.

Clickedy click here for said story. You won't be disappointed, as my writing has improved and we plotted this whole thing out and should be getting around to the beginning soon--as soon as my laptop returns from laptop hospital.

Other things going on:
-Possible job opportunity
-Graduating from college in December
-No boyfriend because Isaac can't find me--UNTIL I GO SEE HIM IN NOVEMBER OMG I CAN'T FRACKING WAIT.
-In the last stages of my first book. Will start quarry letter soon to find an agent. Fingers crossed.
-My swearing and drinking got a lot worse in Nashville and I'm not boasting. Its kinda a problem sometimes.
-I've become very cynical and I think it shows in this blog, oops.

Note: Simone's face is how I will be looking at that ungodly man when I GET TO SEE HIM IN NOVEMBER YASSSS.

I leave you with Rammstein, in case you have no idea who they are.
Making your life easier.

Later, loves.
September 14th, 2016 at 04:45am