Story Layout Maker/Contest Rant

Mibba, why is your story layout maker so hard to use? Remember back ten years ago when it was so easy, quick and simple?

I do. I miss it.

I'm not so great at making them on this fancy system - it's long and hard and I swear it takes me over an hour just to perfect it.


Please go back to your old way of doing it.

(Don't worry, I know you won't - I'll just grow and adapt, I guess).


What's the deal with the lack of story contests? I used to look to them for inspiration and now there's never any new ones. I've literally entered all the contests I'm digging.

Have I been away from Mibba so long that it's just not got any active users anymore?

I'm sad Mibba.

You've made me sad.
September 20th, 2016 at 12:50am