Writing Intense Scenes in Stories Advice?

Recently I decided I'm going to start writing again, and I want to write a story that's going to attract an audience and make them want me to keep writing more. That's the type of story I want to write. But the story I'm thinking about writing has a lot of gruesome scenes in it. In fact it's so gruesome I want to ask for some help.
Some of it isn't as gruesome, it's just sexual. Extremely sexual in fact, but that's what attracts people in my opinion. Something that good needs to be perfect in my eyes which is where asking for helps comes into play.

When writing a sex scene, or a rape scene, how should I start it? Should I amp up and than go into it, or just go right into it? When killing someone in a story, is it the same concept? I'm good at writing stories, but when it comes to certain things like this I ask for help, and I dread asking for help because I feel like I'm not a good writer because of it, and I've gotten so much better at writing over the years, I've read so many stories with amazing scenes such as the ones I'm asking for help with, I wonder how you guys do it? It's incredible. So any kinds of advice will surely make an impact on me, and I appreciate anyone who jumps in to give me their word.

Thanks xoxo

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September 22nd, 2016 at 07:21pm