Music That Inspires Me.

Though I have always had a passion for 80’s style rock, Evanescence was the first ever heavy band I listened to, they got me into this awesome music and they still mean so much to me. Tourniquet still remains one of my favourite songs to this day and Everybody’s Fool is my favourite video clip of all time.

I still remember at the innocent age of 12 buying Fallen, it was the first ever album I bought with my own money. I have so much admiration for Amy Lee and how she stands up as a role model for females everywhere, I respect her so much because even through the ever changing line up, the band it’s self has never once faltered and that is because of Amy.

My review of The Open Door.

Last but not least I got to see the band that means so much to me at my first ever rock concert on Sunday the 18th of February 2007!

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Nothing I could ever say to you could express how much Linkin Park mean to me but I will try.

One of the most commonly heard phrases amongst Mibbain’s is 'MCR Saved My Life' if I believed in that then Linkin Park would have. Their lyrics seem to have been written about me they are so close to my heart. The thing that gets me the most is the raw emotion in Chester's voice, he has been through so much in his life and him saying that it is going to be okay makes me believe him because compared to him I will never have it that bad.

Linkin Park waited four years to bring up a follow up to the massive Meteora and lost many fans because of it. Yes their sound has changed, yes they have become less heavy and although Hybrid Theory will always be my favourite they are still Linkin Park and I still love them to death. No More Sorrow is one of their greatest songs and it tells me that underneath the new more radio friendly Linkin Park my boys are still there.

Of all the bands from pop punk to post hardcore that I love Linkin Park is the only one my mum actually likes.

I wanna heal I watch how the moon sits in the sky
I wanna feel On a dark night shining with the light from the sun
What i thought was never real The sun doesn't give light to the moon
I wanna let go of the pain ive felt so long Assuming the moon's going to owe it one
I wanna heal It makes me think of how you act to me
I wanna feel You do favors and then rapidly
Like I'm close to something real You just turn around and start asking me about
I wanna find something ive wanted all along Things you want back from me

The Brightside: Chester appears to enjoy musical songs by a band named Linkin Park, but its probably just made up in her mind.


The three greatest words in modern history, My Chemical Romance, words that can only be over powered by five others; Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray and Bob. What can I say about My Chemical Romance.

It has all already been said, living legends these boys are, they are yet to release a song I dislike. Their lyrics are perfect, there is no other word for them. My Chemical Romance the one band I believe could truly save thousands of lives internationally. Heaven Help Us and Our Lady Of Sorrows are my all time favourites (my first ever Mibba usernamebefore I was a username whore was inspired by these guys. Beyond those to songs I can not distinguish my favourites they are all so brilliant as are the band members.

Through all their flaws, they have united one of the most controversial and competitive sub cultures of all time, now that is a feat. 20th of November Sydney Entertainment Center it's going to be the best night ever!
October 17th, 2007 at 05:07pm