Stories I'd Like to Write


Harlow and Glow . Magical Realism
A story about a young woman who discovers magic in her city.

I've got a 450-word draft of the first chapter written.

Untitled Witch Story . Fantasy
A story about a young woman who is a 'witch' who practices 'blood magic' - which simply means her magic is powered by her spilling her own blood. There's all sorts of magical creatures in this, most notably witches, werewolves, and a version of vampires.

I've got 370-words of scraps written.

Untitled Other Witch Story . Fantasy
A story about a young witch who moves back to her hometown which is run by your friendly neighborhood wolf-pack.

I've got a 630-word scrap written about a ritual where the witch
binds herself to the pack in hopes of keeping them unharmed during a fight.

Untitled Thing . Young Adult
A story about young love that's somehow based off this:

You let him pick you apart and then he leaves
You sit and wait for another boy to piece you back together
You do it again
And again
But this is a thing you cannot do forever

What stories do you wish you were working on?
October 13th, 2016 at 12:27am