Do You Guys Want to Pursue Writing as a Career?

Hey Mibba!

I sometimes come back here from time to time, mostly because I like the anonymity. I feel like the community is so small and I'm basically a nobody so it's a lot less pressure when I post, and also, there's blogging which is always fun. I love blogging!

Not the point of the blog though!

Point of the blog: do you eventually ever want to make money off your writing?

It's such a weird thing to think about for me. I'm in school, and I know what my future career is going to be (tech companies and such) since I have experience and so on, but something recently happened that made me think about writing!

I always knew that writing was never a career, simply something fun for me to do. I actually always thought I would stop writing when I finished high school or so, but thankfully that didn't happen! I was always like it's just a fun hobby, but something pretty cool happened!

If you don't know, Wattpad released this new feature where some people get to put ads in between the chapters of their stories! It's only on mobile I think (their mobile app is huuuge and basically where all their activity is) and I'm pretty sure it's like after so much time or so many chapters that you encounter it (like, it isn't between every chapter or anything like that) and the writers themselves get to make some revenue off of that!

I got accepted into the program which is awesome! Although I'm sure I'm not going to be seeing any actual return for a while, considering most of the people I know in the program have like, 20-100k followers and millions and millions of reads and I'm like "hello I am a scrub" ahaha. But it's a cool thing to think about!

I think it's going to push me to post a lot more. I find that my account really grows whenever I actually finish a novel, so I have to start doing that more. I have a bunch of new story ideas and I'm super excited to get them out there! The actual writing part is just where it gets hard ahaha.

But! I don't know, I was thinking, maybe I will publish a book one day. Maybe just self-publish or something, but, I think it would be cool. If I keep writing and growing, maybe I will. I know there's been a couple of people off Wattpad that have been picked up by publishers, now there's major companies that are sponsering writing (like movies coming out, Telus is doing something with anti-bullying) and it seems like a much more realistic goal maybe?

I don't know. Probably nothing will come of it, and probably I'll just be posting forever but I've really been inspired lately to write and I'm really excited to get all my thoughts out!

How about you guys? I'm interested to know your thoughts! Are you guys ever wanting to publish? c:
October 19th, 2016 at 08:20pm