So... Big Month!

Since my last blog, my family has gotten two new additions.

First, we gained a little girl, sort of... Image Her name is Ember. She's an absolute doll! When she likes me, that is.... Image She's either cuddling me, or trying to kick me in the face cause I'm on her pillow.

Second, Birth came early! And with many complications.... Image Image Image

Artemis Sage Preston! He was due October 26. I went to my doctors appointment on the 4th, and wasn't allowed to leave without giving birth due to high blood pressure. (and three weeks later I'm still on medication for it.) So, around 6 pm on the 4th, they started me on Zitotec, a medicine to help start labor. 6 doses, and 28 hours later, I was only to a one, and just barely there. So they started an IV of pitocin, another drug more effect if the dilation and all process. (Speaking of IV, they broke a vein in one arm, a vein completely vanished in the other, so they had to use my hand. And I spent 3 days on magnesium through the iv to prevent the blood pressure from causing seizures, in addition to intermittent amounts of the blood pressure medicine through the iv as well. So obnoxious. And the needle stayed in my hand until I got discharged. oh, and I couldn't get out of bed while on the magnesium because I was a fall risk.) Well, 4 hours later, my water broke, and real labor started. And man, was it HELL! I felt like I was being stabbed through both my thighs, and my lower stomach simultaneously. Thank god I was given some amazing pain meds (since i couldn't have an epidural until I reached a 4.) So I would sleep for 30 minutes of the hour between doses. Well, I finally got to the 4 after three hours. But, in checking my dilation, they learned he was breech. So, they stopped the pitocin to delay my labor, and 6 hours later I was in surgery.

Other than the few seconds I saw him before they took him to the nursery after birth, it was another day before I got to see him. Beccause his blood sugar dropped drastically. So he had to spend several days on a glucose IV. And it was the 9th, around 8 pm before we got to go home.

So.... That was fuuuuuuuuuuun.

And now I am playing pharmacy tag trying to get an antibiotic the ER prescribed me Friday (my incision is draining, and theres bacteria around the drainage site.) Since its not recommended for breastfeeding moms the pharmacist wanted docctors approval first. Well, the doctors office calld today and changed it to another medicine either, but the pharmacist won't allow it because it's a penicillin type medication which I'm allergic to. So tomorrow, we get to change it again! Yay! Its only been 5 days since they wanted me to start it, no big deal, riiiiiiiight?

Not to mention I have a ton of adulting i'm avoiding cause I don't know how to do it.... But Its super important that I do.....


How is everyone else's Octobers?
October 26th, 2016 at 01:20am