2016 Reflections + 2017 Resolutions

I was going to wait to write this blog until Dec 31st but I kinda wanna write it now because I feel like reflecting on the past year and how quickly it flew by. My friends mention how their year has been kinda shit and I’m just like “bro, this has been the best year of my life.” Not to sound sappy, but 2016 was really a year of self-discovery and essentially, finding myself. For anyone who knows me personally, I broke up with my first boyfriend (who I mentioned often in 2014/2015 blogs and like, everywhere lmfao) in August 2015 which would have been fine if he hadn’t harassed and greatly annoyed me until the end of 2015. During that time, my grandma died, I found out I failed more than half my uni subjects and subsequently found out I’d have to repeat another semester of uni, and I got a second job (retail) that was super full on and stressful and my ex liked to come by with his new gf at the time and ugh, okay. December 2015 was understandably, a shit month. HOWEVER. My whole family came down for my grandma’s funeral and we reunited for the first time in 20 years so there was the highlight of 2015 between the stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings of ‘what the actual fuck’.

I began my 2016 with my two best friends, chilling out in the best way possible. I made a 2016 resolutions list (actually, I wrote a 2016 goals and 2016 resolutions but I mean they mean the same thing so I’ll just list them both):

1. Work out regularly 3-5 times a week and when the new gym opens up near you, join!

I’ve never been able to stick to working out, like, ever, but in November when things got shitty with my ex I began working out – as they call it, the ‘revenge body’ I began going on the treadmill regularly. Mum told me that one of her coworkers had an in home gym so I joined that in January and now I’m at my goal weight. I’m not at my goal body yet, but I know I can make it, considering how hard I’ve worked this year. I went from 78kg to 69kg and being able to maintain that is something I’m so proud of because not only does it prove to myself that I can do something if I keep working at it, but also that I’m able to eat what I want (to an extent) and be able to maintain that because I do work out regularly. Here’s to 2017 finally getting my hot bod!

2. Start uni work early so when it comes to uni you’ll be weeks ahead and perhaps you won’t think of yourself as such a fucking failure.

I kept the wording in because my self-esteem from 2015 to now has increased dramatically. I had a really low point around my birthday and last month when I thought I wasn’t going to graduate uni, but I did (and you can bet your ass I cried like a baby when I found out I was graduating). I didn’t start uni work early but I graduated now so WHO CARES AM I RIGHT

3. No more buying clothes until you’ve dropped a size.

Definitely achieved this – I hardly bought clothes and instead bought makeup. I’ve accepted that with my height / weight, I won’t be able to drop a size but I’m 100% okay with that. As long as I’m happy and healthy and I look good in what I wear (yes, I’m shallow but again, idc) then I’m good.

4. Love myself wholly and wholeheartedly, don’t ever forget who you are and what your morals / values / standards and don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re otherwise.

100000% so proud of myself for achieving this, this year. I could probably write a whole blog on this and alright I’ll admit while my standards slipped a bit there I got back on the horse and ditched those children and now we good, homie. I will say though that while my standards did slip there guy wise, I still felt 100% about myself and I wasn’t exactly looking for romance, y’know? I think through working out and being able to consistently keep the weight off, it really helped me feel better about myself and my body and all that. This is going to be TMI so feel free to skip ahead but in July I had my first positive sexual experience (my ex kinda sucked at making me feel good about myself) (gonna write a whole other blog on guys or rather relos in general bc damn) and it just gave me hope for guys, for relationships, for myself, just life in general. It took me 21 years to love myself but now I’m there and I gotta say I feel fucking great.

5. Learn how to contour and do winged eyeliner.

Not sure why I wanted to learn to do winged eyeliner because I do not suit it but contouring I got that shit down, good job @ me.

6. Don’t be afraid to take risks, say yes to opportunities no matter how scary they seem.

I haven’t really had many opportunities given to me so to speak but risks, yeah I took them and they opened my eyes and helped me see things in a different light. I think I can say that I have become so much less judgemental this year, which is nice.

7. Edit WTWTU and send off to publishers.

Didn’t edit, sent it off to one place on a whim, didn’t hear anything back, went about my day, lol. Next time I send something to publishers, I’m gonna edit that shit.

8. Take care of yourself, don’t be too hard on yourself, stop worrying so goddamn much, make your grandma proud.

1st one, tick. 2nd and 3rd, too late. 4th one, well I’m sure my gma isn’t too pleased with what I did and didn’t do (sorry grams) but I like to think with all my self-discovery and whatnot, I did pretty well. I went to a psychic expo in November and spoke to a medium and she told me that my grandparents are watching over me and that they’re so proud and naturally when I heard that I broke down and I’m tearing up as I write this now but I’m also so happy and yeah.

9. Get my degree.



I included this in because I lit have no idea if I behaved or not??? I have no idea wtf I meant when I wrote this (I mean, I have some idea of the general direction but I was neither a good or a bad girl so WHO KNOWS). I asked my friends and they were also confused hahahaha so I’ll say that I only half completed this.

So yeah, there we have it, proof that NY resolutions do work out. And now that I’m feeling all good and shit, I’m going to make my 2017 resolutions now:

1. Get that hot bod.

I see it, I just gotta shed my stomach and a little off my sides and hello curvy body a la Jessica Biel ~

2. Continue to be your badass, confident ass self and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


3. Get an entry level or full time job.

4. When you go out to eat, focus on eating more salads and eating less desserts. Swap out a hot chocolate for a green tea. Chicken salads are good to give you protein. Beef helps reduce period pains. Treat your body right.

5. No more makeup buys unless it’s a refill. Seriously, Alex. You do not need another nude, I promise.

6. Drink 1.5L of water (at least) per day.

7. If you get a journal, for god’s sake actually post or write something daily. It’s so fun to read back on old blogs so just do it, okay!

Note to self: find a cute ass journal.

8. Make 3 new friends.

This is a big one for me because I pretty much stick to a very small circle of friends and I’m pretty anti-social, haha. But I should try. Because in 2016 I made like 8 new friends (sort of because some of us were friends / friendly beforehand) (but now I feel like we quite close which is cute we cute) but I want friends that I can go coffee with or sing in the car with and as much as I’d love to, I can’t do that with the 8 new friends I made.

9. Wear what you want. Don’t define yourself as one style and then feel you can’t wear anything outside of that because it’s not your aesthetic.

10. Stop interrupting people when they talk. Get over your aversion to dating same race guys. Stop lying to your mother, goddamnit. And talk to your friends, okay? They’re always there for you, whether you want to talk to them or not (most likely not because you don’t like to be a burden) but 100% if you need something they will listen. So utilise them. OH. AND GO TO MORE CONCERTS THEY FEED YOUR SOUL AND GIVE YOU LIFE.

Do you guys have any resolutions for 2017? How did your 2016 go? I’d love to know preferably in a blog form but comment as well, I don’t mind (: I feel like I could write so much more on why my 2016 rocked because I didn't really explain it but ahh too much to write and cbf hahaha
December 27th, 2016 at 01:51pm