Update on "In Need of Advice" + Story Stuff

Hey, friends!

First of all, I wanted to give a big, huge shout-out to the fantastic people who commented and left advice on my previous blog, In Need of Advice. You guys are fantastic and offered some really great advice. I took a day or two to really think of a decision to end this whole mess and this is what I concluded.

I won't be meeting this fellow -- now or ever -- and I won't be communicating with him anymore. I have no interest in doing either, just based on how much-unneeded anxiety this has caused me over the last few days. It got so bad that I lost sleep and developed some lovely GI symptoms that have caused me additional unneeded pain. Over a man. I lost sleep over a man. It's really freakin' pathetic, if you think about it.

My main concern was being a not bitch and/or coming off as bitchy. I try not to be a bitch; my main goal in life is not to be a bitch. That's just me as a person. However, this goes as far as to say that this guy's actions are not okay. Perhaps he doesn't realize what he's doing, but I mean...he probably should, bc that's probably the reason he's single (sorry).

This begs the question, however: why did he message me on every. single. site in the past? I’ve only been on a handful of sites, but I’ve been on those sites multiple times. My hypothesis is that he has probably done this before to other girls. He’s probably messaged them the moment he saw them on the site and kept messaging them when they made accounts on different sites thereafter. He’s also probably told them the ‘rest of my life’ diddy and they got scared/creeped out, and ignored/blocked him bc that’s what normal should do when a guy spews stuff like that.

I probably would've saved myself a lot of anxiety had I listened to my gut.

Let’s be real: when you tell someone “I feel like you’re a person I can be with for the rest of my life”, it’s very serious. It’s not something that should be thrown out to some random person that you’ve never met in person before. This is something you say to a partner/s.o. after you’ve been together for a while, or even after you’ve met them face to face and gotten to know each other after a while. It makes me wonder if this guy really has any sort of inkling as to the weight that words carry.

It’s been a few days since we started talking and while he’s been initiating contact, I’ve been ignoring him bc I have no interest in meeting or speaking to him. So far, I think he got the idea that I’m not interested, so this saves me from having to feel like a guilty bitch for ignoring a “nice guy”.

In the end, I silently wish him the best of luck in the dating game. He's probably a great guy, but there's no "us" in the cards.


So it's been a hot freakin' minute since I updated anything here and I plan on changing this. I've been getting lots of writing done, so I'm hoping that I'll get whatever I have up updated soon.

If y'all are interested, these are what are up so far:

So yeah. ^__^ That's all for now. Ciao! ♡
January 10th, 2017 at 02:09am