Skin Issues

So I'm sort of writing this for anyone who may have had the same issues I had.

Since my teenage years, I've thought that I had combination skin. Really dry, really oily skin that I couldn't do a thing with. I would get flaky bits between my eyebrows, on my forehead, my cheeks, around my hairline, and on my nose. Really noticeable flakes of dry skin. I moisturised every time I showered/wet my face, and exfoliated as much of the flakiness away as I could.

And yet the best I could get my skin was to be sorta flaky but workable, only super flaky if I wore makeup.

I thought okay, so, this is just how I am. Maybe I'll try different makeup brands. Maybe I'll try different techniques. Literally nothing wanted to stick to my face and it would push up all these flakes so I just looked 200 times worse.

A few weeks ago, I randomly decided to look into a different brand moisturiser, as I was running out of my old one.

For years and years, I've used Nivea moisturisers. I remember trying a few others and thinking that this one worked the best, because it didn't leave me looking ridiculously oily after applying it, and it seemed to help get rid of most of my dry patches.

It turns out that this just wasn't the best for my skin. I changed moisterisers and literally the following day, no more flakes. No more oily skin. I'm so goddamn mad at myself for not trying this earlier. Makeup actually sticks to my face! It's so exciting. I picked up one by Essano with rose hip oil in it and although it took a little while to get used to the smell, it's wonderful. My whole perception of my physical appearance has changed. I feel -cute- for once. I also have a night time moisteriser by Swisse, again with rose hip oil, and I really like that, too. I never used to moisterise at night because a. I never wore any makeup to have to wash my face at night and b. I always felt like my face was too oily to put more moisture on top.

I'm just really happy I've finally sorted out my face. It probably seems like such a small thing but it's really improved my confidence. Now all I have to do is sort out my back.
January 10th, 2017 at 11:09am