Updates and Stuff

Hey guys ♥

I'm finally back into my writing ways... Yay! I have a few updates on their way and a new idea that I am going to be starting today because I can't get the ideas out of my head for it, which is beginning to bug me. I haven't got all the plans together yet, but I have a rough goal with it and I already know what I want in the first chapter.

I'm kinda excited to write the new story, which is a feeling I haven't had that often recently and it feels good to be passionate about something that I'm going to work on. Do any of you have stories that you're super passionate about and then there's others that you're just like... Meh.

Upcoming Updates

Nitrous- Chapter six is already written, I just need to read it through and make sure it is smooth.

Outbreak- Chapter six will be up within the next few days, I have a rough idea what I'm going to do for this chapter... it's just a case of finding the right words.

Then there's my new story, which is currently titled Spirits... but that might change by the time I actually post the first chapter. I'm going to get a banner made, since I was trying for nearly two hours last night and couldn't get the blooming thing to come out how I wanted it!

I'm also going to be re-writing my story Breathe... I'm just not happy with the second chapter :/ so, I'm going to re-write it and change the direction.

Well, that's all I have right now... I'm going to go do some writing and chill out for a bit!

January 10th, 2017 at 04:34pm