Hi guys...sadly I have to come on here with my problems, and this feels like such an extreme weakness to me. I don't think anyone would understand where I'm coming from, nor the severity of the situation to its extent. I'm not in some situations others are in, and I thank whatever God there is for that. But this is still serious.
My dad is an abuser. Plain and simple. When I was younger it was physical abuse towards my mother and sister. But later on, after me and my mom left for the last time, it just became mental and emotional. He's been to jail for it, he's gone to classes for managing his anger. All that which yield no results.
I'm 19 now, and I know I can leave. The main concern at this point is my mom. She's disabled now, and he treats her the worst compared to everyone else.
Me and my mom have some mental illness, both that which lead to suicidal thoughts... this environment that we are in doesn't do anything to help anything.
And also due to the fact of my age, I have no credit to take out a loan, I cannot turn to family because they would just send me back here. My best friends are too close to home. I want to get out of the state. My father...has actually killed people...I've lived here for 19 years.
I finally want to take action and go.
If any of you have the means to donate even a little bit...it would help more than you know. Even if you can't...just sharing the link would do wonders for me. I ask that everyone that reads this have a heart, and understand I grew up with this. I want to get out. Just the situation is complicated, and even bigger than what I just explained. Victim shaming is the last thing I need, nor should that negativity be promoted.
Just please, to whomever reads this. My mother and I have to get out of here for our own sakes.
January 11th, 2017 at 07:49pm