Such a Lazy Day + a Pic From The Sims 3!

It's such a lazy day today and the snow is beginning to melt after about a week (or just half a week) of being here. Have you guys ever felt so tired during the day that you tried taking a nap but despite being tired, your body and your mind wouldnt let you so instead you get a headache for trying to take a nap? That's what it felt like for me when i tried taking a nap about half an hour ago. i did absolute nothing today except write a little bit to Whispering Wings and Graceborn, and play The Sims 3 for the first time in several months! Woot! I was happy to be playing Sims 3 again and i made the most absolutely adorable dog in the create-a-sim screen/mode:
From left to right: Sadie the mash up of a lot of fluffy dogs, Forest aka shorttail the mixed cat and thier owner, Lisa! (who is me but i called her lisa out of boredom).

I wish i had taken more snapshots but during my gameplay i forgot to and i forgot to save the game. and so much happened with the family too like Lisa met a fairy sim named Victor and started a family with him and then they adopted another dog named Otis who was a mutt that looked a bit like an afghan hound and a great dane mixed. Then Otis and Sadie had puppies who were beyond adorable!

At least i managed to save Sadie in the custom sims thing because she was adorable. Next time I play the sims 3, I'll definitely take snapshots of my gameplays and just show you all!

January 11th, 2017 at 10:56pm