Ads on Stories? (+ Questions! For You!)

Hey Mibba people! ^^ Long time no talk!

I've returned once again because I'm intersted to get your ~opinions~ on some things. I've thrown in some questions for you guys because DOESN'T A MIBBIAN LOVE A GOOD ROUND OF QUESTIONS? I feel like when I started on here, every blog had an obligatory round of questions at the bottom, so I'm sticking with that. Hopefully it will entice you guys to share~

To share about what, you may ask? Well, Wattpad introduced this program where if someone is reading on the mobile app, in between every couple of chapters, authors can include ads (they're the after 5 seconds you can click out kind) and actually make a little profit from those ads. Essentially it's a way for popular authors to make a little money on the side for posting their writing, kind of like adsense from YouTube! Although, I know some Wattpad authors have been a little upset by the fact that only some authors get this opportunity- it's not something everyone gets to do, but I can see why they're doing it this way. It's still very, very new, and you need bank information and all that. I'm not really sure how YouTube does it? But yes, you have to be getting at least a substantial amount of views to be accepted into it.

Now, this has already been implemented on Wattpad, so that's why I wanted to ask Mibba, where it would be more hypothetical and hopefully you'd be more honest? Because I'm honestly intersted to know what you guys think from not only a writer, but a reader point of view.

What do you guys think about having these ads? Do you like the idea? Do you not like the idea? Does your perspective change from a reader to a writer?

I'm intersted because I was accepted into the program, but I'm wondering if its worth it to have it, for how it affects my readers. I mean, I'm on the low low lower end of the spectrum for people in the program, and I'm pretty sure you're only making like, substantial amounts of money if you're getting millions of hits a month, which I'm not ahaha. But I'm hoping to make, you know, a little extra cash on the side.

I mean, I do put hours into my writing, I post almost on a weekly basis, and it's nice that even silent readers can help support me now! And as a reader, a lot of my friends also have ads on their stories, and I read their stories, so I like getting the ads because I'm like YES GET THAT CASH BOO because we're friends ahahaha. I'm a little biased in that area too.

But I can see how it can be annoying- I hate going through a YouTube playlist and ads are in between every video. Now, the reason I'm a little leniant on Wattpad ads is because they are pretty infrequent, and if you're reading on Web you don't see them at all, so they're not constantly in your face. But still, ads are annoying. You're trying to enjoy something, and it can kind of take you out of that element.

I've tried to compensate by making my chapters longer, but idk, is that enough?


1. Are you a reader, a writer, or both?
2. As a reader, would you be annoyed by ads?
3. As a writer, if such a feature was available on Mibba, would you use it?
4. Any other thoughts on story ads that are encompassed in those questions you'd like to add?
5. How's your day been so far? ^^
January 13th, 2017 at 01:44am