Does Anyone Get Like This About Writing?

I get into writing "moods". Does anyone else get into writing moods?

When I mean by mood is- sometimes I'll read something, or listen to a song, or just get a general feeling and those are the types of things that really inspire me to write. It's a very emotionally-tied thing to me, it always has been, I'm a very emotional person, ahaha. My writing is very heavily toned, and depending on what I'm writing, it can change very drastically. I mean, probably looks like it was written by two completely differen people, ahah.

The only issue with this is that I'm very bad at writing short stories. I like plot. I like character development. My heart is always drawn to novels.

The issue?

I start a story- for instance, right now, I'm writing a very rom-com type story. Very light, comical, a little sexy at times. Obviously for this kind of story, I have a specific type of writing. And, lately, I've been super inspired! Which is awesome! I've been pumping out weekly updates like it's nobody's business! Everyone's exicted! This is good!

The problem?

I ended up reading a little story, and it just got me inspired. Not the content itself (no plagiarism here!) but the tones of it- very dark, very unforgiving, chaos, ruination, that kind of thing. I had a story idea months ago that followed in the same type of rhythm, and it's really got me inspired to write that.

And now, I'm currently writing chapter two of that story.

Even though I have an update for my rom-com story... tomorrow.

Also, did I mention that I also wrote a different first chapter for another story ENTIRELY with ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TONES (more surrealistic/mystery/poetic/romance) that's ALSO SITTING IN MY DRAFTS?

You can see my problem? I love novels, novels do not love me, ahaha.

So while I'm sitting there, staring at the draft for my main story, all I can think about is writing the other one. This is why I have such a hard time finishing a novel! Emotionally I'm too finicky, and I cannot write a story without putting emotion in it.

Sigh. Does anyone else get like this? Is this just a me thing?

Please tell me while I go watch enough rom-coms to either get inspired or eventually bang my head on a wall until death, ahaha.
January 20th, 2017 at 02:39am