The World Is Ending! Doomsday Is Upon Us!

Now, the title is a joke, mostly, ahaha.

If you didn't know, the doomsday clock, which is created and maintained by scientists to visually represent to the masses how they feel we're close to the apocolypse made a move today! And not in the hopeful way, but in the we-are-going-to-die direction, ahaha. We are now the closest we have been since the creation of the hydrogen bombs in the 1950's, and are now 2.5 minutes away from our ultimate deaths.

Now, the doomsday clock moves back and forth every couple of years, so I'm hopeful that it'll move back away soon. It's interesting that they did cite both Putin and Trump as contributions to the move, especially with today, the Mexican president cancelling on Trump and Trump saying that he's going to explore "other ways" to get Mexico to pay for his wall. The wall that Mexico has said they will not pay for.

Who knows?

I've been watching the news and it seems like everyone's still kind of "... let's just wait it out, guys, he's just learning out to be president", but I guess we'll see. I mean, if one thing, I gotta say, he is sticking to his promises kind of. He's doing what he said he was gonna do during the campaign- which, I'm sure to some people is great, and to other people is feeling like 2.5 minutes away, ahaha.

I don't live in the states, so my taxes aren't going to any walls, and I've just been watching with a morbid interest. I mean, it's no longer day-by-day updates, but hourly Twitter updates of who said what, which is interesting. Hopefully there's not a whole China vs Russia vs US brawl because I do kind of like living for now, and would like to keep on doing that, ahaha.

So what do you guys think about the whole doomsday prediction? Are you worried? Are you like whuteva whuteva? Are you like well I guess I'll have another slice of pizza if we're all gonna die anyways? ^^
January 26th, 2017 at 11:30pm