January Favourites

Considering how quickly January went (wtf??) I thought I'd make a lil blog YouTuber style, though this one is more reflecting on my month than actual favourites but whatever. WHATEVER ALRIGHT. I'm really just making this up as I go along, so.

If you've read my previous blogs, you know that I'm a makeup fanatic. Unfortunately, I put myself on a no makeup buy for this year because the amount of money I spend on makeup is honestly ridic. Exceptions are allowed for refills and necessary purchases, so with that I finally bought myself the legit beauty blender and I gotta say, since using it I have not turned back.

Another favourite I've loved this month is my Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick in Ricco. It's this gorgeous dark red shade that on white people, it looks more like a maroon red but on me, it's the perfect dark red shade. If anyone has me on insta (@alexnav_) it's what I'm wearing on my lips in my most recent pics. I've been wearing it out to bars but as of lately, I've had to (sadly) revert back to wearing nudes. Not that I don't love wearing nudes, but I'm in my 'wearing dark red lipstick' phase and I just want to wear it all the time, y'know?

This month, I've really been enjoying old school stuff - as I do every month - but here are some particular songs I've been playing non-stop:

If you think this song is familiar, that's because it is. I love the Pia Mia version, but this one is so relaxed and summery and hi hello.

You can't tell me that when you hear this you don't dance. THIS IS SUCH A FUN DANCE CLUB BAR SONG OK

This is a nice lil link to my next ~ segment, since this song is associated with some good mems. Also this is one of my favourites, so.

- el

- 7/1/17 - my friend Jenny invited me to go out with her friends to this bar and that's where I met her lovely friends and this guy we'll call J. J is cute as hell and it took me 3 hours but I finally got what I want and now we've been hanging out ever since. Not dating, but knowing me, something will happen lmao so idk watch this space I guess?? HAHA

- honestly every weekend bar the new years weekend has been pretty lit, I went out every weekend to the same bar but that bar is fun OK and I hooked up with someone (which ok, to be clear I don't need to hookup with someone to have fun nor does my happiness depend on whether that happens) but it does make for a nice lil story to tell my friends the next day. For example, one guy I kissed on the 21st taught me how to move my hips effectively and that was nice because now I know how to grind. Before I was an awkward drunk turtle. Now I am a semi awkward sober dancer. Hookups change lives, guys.

- my Taylor Swizzle b'day (21/2) and celebrations to proceed
- job interview (3/2) + (17/2)
- starting uni (28/2) again, to do my masters in finally something I actually want to study so we'll see how that goes
- and I hope there's some sort of orientation b/c I wanna meet who's in my course

What did you guys get up to in Jan? I'm nosy and like to know all, LOL.
January 31st, 2017 at 03:57pm