Just Another No Good Indie Author with Only One Thing

She doesn’t have the grooming, charisma or discipline of being a celebrity. She is batting a zero in having a team of professionals behind her, guiding her, re-writing her work, editing her script or having an artistic say in the creative process. She lacks acceptance from peers who are in the profession. She can’t call herself a published author and gain the prestige that goes along with it.
She’s just another no good indie author.

Maybe you have her on your news feed? You’re not sure when you followed her but you see her posts from time to time. You think she may have been a friend of a friend or something? You’ve thought about unfollowing her because let’s face it, you just haven’t gotten around to reading her work because your too busy but you pause for a second, think again and decide to keep her because her posts have a substance to them.

You love to read and devour all the latest stories on the charts. You have reading apps for your phone, an e-reader and for your favorite author’s you have the paperbacks. You have just finished another chart topping story and are eager to start another. You’re undecided, you hop onto your news feed and there she is, with a cheesy post advertising one of her books. The cover looks professional but you know it’s not because her post is casual and doesn’t have that little grey text indicating it’s promoted. Over the course of time you have learned that she is on her own. What holds you back? Doubt, disappointment, you only want to invest time into reading something that is widely accepted?

You decide that you’re still unsure and take a moment to check out her profile since she has that something that has kept you from unfollowing. She has a list of all her favorite books. This indie, she is well read, just like you. Hell, some of your favorites are on her list. This no good indie has class. You take it a step further and click on her retailer link. It directs you to her books. You read the descriptions and they are compelling. You’re still not sure. Why give her a chance?

You close her retailer link without purchasing any of her books and land back onto her profile page. For a no good indie she has one thing going for her, a spark. It’s that little ignition that drives her to keep going, doing what she loves even though she does it with a stigma already formed by others. She doesn’t have a ton of followers but she keeps posting to the dark corners of the news feed, that spark keeps her lit even though it appears like no one is paying any attention.

You take notice, she just posted something, news that one of her e-books is listed free this week. No one has liked her post or has commented or shared the news. Maybe it’s time you react? Maybe she is just another in the sea of others chasing dreams that won’t amount to anything but you know that maybe is a word you have to say because you haven’t confirmed it yourself.

Her spark grants her confidence in putting one of her books out there for free and you know it’s a sales tactic but also regard the fact that she likely spent a year working on it only to let all those hours spent go for free.

She maybe is just another no good indie author but has shared with you that one thing she has and this time, you kindly accept.

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February 4th, 2017 at 02:20pm