Dear Mibba

Dear Mibba,

Please give is the function to unfriend and block users, delete unwanted comments on our works (blogs, poems, stories, ect.).

It's very annoying that if I get an unwanted comment, like I did today on a work that means very much to me, I can't delete it or even block the user. I can only report said comment/user which I haven't had much luck with in the past.

I know this site is supposed to be safe and open with every user but if I have comments on my work I have to look at every time I get a new comment, it's not very fun for me anymore and I personally do not want to have to keep deleting and putting back up things that got random, unnecessary comments I'd rather have deleted.

I also don't want to hide my works from the public and limit it to my friends (seeing I also want the unfriend function because I have friends I don't want anymore) because that gives me and small pool of criticism.

Mibba, if you see this, give me a sign.

- mr. twin sister
February 9th, 2017 at 11:13pm