One Interview Down | I'm Just Not That Into You

So I had my first interview today, at Old Navy. I think it went well. It was pretty laid back and I'm feeling good about it. I interviewed with one other girl and the manager took down our availabilities and said she liked both of us. She said they just had to do background checks and she would try to get it done as fast as possible, we would here by maybe Tuesday. I'm really hoping it comes through. She said we would start out with just a couple shifts a week, but I would probably get more since my availability was wide open.

I have an interview on Monday with another store...but I'm thinking I'd really prefer Old Navy. I talked to my parents and they both think I should still go to the interview. I agreed, if nothing else, it would be good interview experience. I'm hoping (if it goes well) that they do a background check too, to buy me some time. We'll see.
Ugh. I've kind of been talking to this guy for about a year or so on and off. He keeps asking me to go out with him and I'm just so not into it. Like today I literally told him I stopped talking to him because he would get so clingy and he's like, "ouch." What? You want me to be honest, right?

Then like five minutes later he asked if I wanted to get dinner. Are you serious? I basically told him I wasn't interested and he goes, "I wanted to kiss you." Uh...I'm sorry? Like do you think I owe you that or that you're entitled to it? Fucking stop.

Like on one hand I'm like, here Erin, this is what you want. Someone who wants you. But then I realize, no, screw that. I deserve better. And I'm not going to settle because he's there. Ugh. Guys, I can't.

How are you all doing?
March 11th, 2017 at 11:21pm