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Hey all! Been a bit since I've posted a blog. This past weekend, I went up to Boston to visit my best friend/college roommate. She's currently in graduate school at BU, and this is my second time heading there to visit her. I had an awesome time (not to mention, I lost 3 and half pounds from all the walking we did)!

We went to some cool restaurants and did a lot of sightseeing. My favorite was this Mexican restaurant we went to. We splurged on a $40+ pitcher of margaritas...WORTH IT. It was tapas style, so we just had some mini quesadillas and some chips/guacamole. When we got our check at the end, they brought a huge glass with cotton candy! Just a really awesome atmosphere. Would definitely go there again. All the other places we went to were just as awesome.

As for sightseeing, we strolled around Harvard and MIT a bit. That was interesting. My favorite though, was probably our time on the Freedom Trail. For those who don't know, it's basically just a path throughout Boston that brings you to some of the places that were significant in the time of the Revolutionary War. Yes, our country is not perfect, but seeing parts of history like this in person is still pretty cool to me. We went to Paul Revere's grave and to a chapel where George Washington had been. Cool!
I've been really loving my job so far. I definitely made the right choice in picking this one out of the two I was offered. Everyone has been super friendly so far and I'm actually getting hours. The other option said I'd get 8, maybe 12 hours a week. Next week I'm working 16, and the following I'm working 28. Thank God. Yes, it's not full time and it's not in my field, but I'll have money again and I can pay my stuff I have due each month. I also switched banks today, since this one is a bigger bank and closer to where I live. Good things!

Okay so I'm not actually "dating" anyone. But, I'm still trying to put myself out there. So, while I was in Boston, I must have drunkenly been swiping on Tinder. I matched with this guy and messaged him, not really expecting a response. Well, the night before I left, he messaged me. We chatted a little bit, nothing too crazy, but oh my god guys, he's so cute. He was like, "I wish I'd messaged you sooner, I'd have definitely taken you up on those drinks."

Also, turns out he's actually from New York and we went to college like 40 minutes away from each other. He said he's coming back to NY, so I guess we'll see. We've just been joking around with each other, and it's nice. He sends like paragraphs at a time, which is so much nicer than just "what's up" or "what're you doing?" I'm curious to see if we keep talking/where this goes.

What's up with you guys!?
March 31st, 2017 at 02:30am