Friends Appreciation Blog (FAB): One Year On

So this time about a year ago, a group of us on Mibba formed a Skype chat and very quickly became pals. Today, some of us celebrated our one year friendship on Facebook (AREN’T WE CUTE). Coincidentally, today also marks the day of an ex-friend’s birthday and it got me thinking about how appreciative I am of the friends I have and how lucky I am to have them.

So this is basically a sop-fest (not a slop fest) of how much I love my friends and what I’ve learned from them, a year later. (Side note: I did write a blog like this a year ago but I’d only known said friends for a few months and I’d like to think that a year later, I know more about them than I did then). OK. LET’S GO in no particular order:

RAV – Rav and I have been friendly for more than a year, but I don’t think it was until this chat that we really bonded over being savage WOC and being petty af (when it’s called for). Rav is the type of person who is fiercely loyal, she’s always on your side regardless of who is wrong or right, and you can always count on her to have your back. She’s also ridiculously chill (a running personality trait in all my pals) but if you piss her off, she can go from 0-100 and back to 0 in seconds, which honestly I kinda love about her. She’s the person I go to when I need to have a boy talk and it’s great because she gets it and ah bless u for making the chat ok bye

LIZ – hands down, Liz is the sweestest person I’ve ever met and I am so thankful a person like her exists. Everyone needs to know a Liz or have her in her life bc wow. She is incredibly thoughtful and kind, and always goes out of her way to help others, regardless of whether they need it or not. Her compassion and selflessness is something I think we can all learn from Liz. With that being said, the more I’ve gotten to know Liz, the more I’ve witnessed this impeccable sarcasm that is REALLY GREAT OK BC WHEN I FIRST SAW IT I WASN’T EXPECTING IT AND I love finding new things out about people. Liz is also our resident doctor in the group (she’s studying to become a nurse) so it’s no surprise that we all come to her first for any sort of medical advice. SO THANKS LIZ FOR ALWAYS LISTENING TO US NO MATTER HOW STUPID we I SOUND

VIC – Vic is hands down one of the funniest people on Mibba, intentionally and otherwise. Her wit and sarcasm never fail to put a smile on my face, along with her slang and stories about work and her general idiocy (ily). Vic is another who’s fiercely loyal and is that friend that encourages you on your ideas, regardless of whether they’re bad or not. Thanks to Vic, I learned about Brexit and UK politics and how cute Neuer is, all topics that are important in their own right. I also thank Vic for pushing me to want to become more independent and strong and courageous, as she is all of these things and it’s great. She’s great.

ELLA – Ella (and Fae) is one of those people I have to thank over and over again for helping me to become more aware of the LGBTQ+ community, since before her I was a wreck lmfao. Her openness and ability to be frank and honest about said topics allows us in the chat to ask questions in a way where we don’t feel like we’re being judged or ridiculed, which is really nice (for the moments when I sound like a complete fuckwit but Ella+Fae don’t make me feel that way) hahahaha. Apart from that, Ella is sweet and nice and has a lil bit of spice and her in the chat is a mad blessing. BLESS.

EL – EL is one of my favourite human beings to ever exist on this Earth. She’s the chillEST and the illEST and she’s fab. I know that if I need to, I can call her and what is meant to be a 20 minute conversation turns into a 2 hour one about the most random shit. Being half Aussie helps too HAHA (as well as the possibility of coming down to my hood WOOHOO). She’s also hella self-aware, which I love because it means we can have the type of conversations I crave to have and yeah. El is very cool and I am v grateful to have her in my existence.

FAE – I didn’t mean to leave Fae til last to write about, but it’s because she’s so many things that’s hard to condense into a paragraph. Fae is passionate and funny and loyal and always willing to listen to you rant, no matter how big or small your problems are. Sometimes it annoys me how perfectly aesthetic she is – how her social media is always on point or how carefully curated her layouts are and even how eloquent she is when she’s subtly expressing her anger towards a situation. Like Ella, she’s open and easy to talk to and she’s exactly like Liz in some aspects (to the point where I confuse them with each other) but she’s definitely her own person and it’s been fab to know and understand her over the past year. I also love that we can be dicks to each other. And that she sends snaps of her dogs. OK.

Special shoutouts to Sam and Kimi, who although have not been active lately, are great and hilarious and much missed in the chat (COME BACK FAM WE MISS U)

As a whole, I want to say thank you to me pals for being a lovely, supportive group of friends who are always down to hear you rant or stress or speak passionately about whatever. I love that we’re such a diverse group of people who agree on similar things but if there’s a divide, we’re open to talk about opposing sides too. One factor I’ve particularly come to recognise as something that I look for in potential future friends is politics. I know that’s been a hot topic for the past year or so on here, but I think it’s worth noting and recognising. To me, politics isn’t something that I want to be trivial about. Whoever you support is fine, but I won’t be friends with someone who doesn’t share similar beliefs nor someone who refuses to discuss their views and become defensive when doing so. I don’t think people are aware that political views go further than being just a view you hold, it’s essentially your moral beliefs which make up your core personality. Generally I find that people who hold conservative views tend to be conservative in nature, whereas liberals tend to be more open and understanding. So with that being said, shoutout to these gals for being awesome af individuals who rock my socks. /totally not a sappy ending
April 3rd, 2017 at 05:07am