Squad Appreciation

In honor of our 1ish year anniversary (and lowkey copying Alex and Rav) I wanted to make a squad appreciation blog. I've never had a group of friends that I can talk to anything about no matter what it is, without worrying about being judged or lectured, until I met these lovelies. I can go into the chat and rant about stupid, random things and they just go along with it, I can ask them advice when I need it, and they have my back no matter what. We're such a crazy, diverse group of people but I love them to death. Plus I haven't done a shoutout blog in a while so here we go.

FAE - my ace queen, my platonic girlfriend, basically my clone. I used to be insanely intimidated by Fae because of how amazing she is as a human. She's written my favourite stories on this site, makes gorgeous aesthetics, and is basically what I strive to be. And then she joined the chat and we found out that we're basically the same person, to the point where people get confused about which one of us is talking. She is savage as hell in a super eloquent way, indulges my obsession with her characters, and is my platonic other half. I love her to death.

ALEX - my savage QUEEN. Alex always intimidated me because she just exudes confidence and I admire that so much. She's so laid back and open-minded, and is such a fierce and savage babe. She'll call me out on my shit, we are both fluent in the same type of sarcasm, we tag each other in the most random shit on facebook, we share a mutual love of HSM and 90s music and she's changed my life with The Alex Law. I will forever strive to reach Alex's level of confidence.

RAV - the resident PoC queen of the chat (along with Alex). I've learned so much about PoC issues and how, as a white person, I can support them and be as woke as possible. I feel like being savage af is a common theme of the chat, but Rav will top all of us any day. She doesn't hold back (we were joking that if I was the angel on someone's shoulder then Rav would be the devil) and will always call you out if you cross her, but she is so insanely loyal to her friends and will always have your back no matter what. I admire that quality of hers so much and will never stop trying to reach that level.

ELLA - my fav gay. Ella (along with Fae) has taught me so much about the LGBT+ community and the things I shouldn't do to avoid being a complete asshole. I can always count on Ella to be around if I need to rant about the stupid people on Overwatch and her aesthetic and softness is something that I hope to one day achieve. She is always ready with a bit of Nate & Jules when I need something to make me smile and she is the epitome of a soft little bunny with razor sharp claws, ready to be savage as hell if anyone crosses her or her friends. Her ability to be blunt and direct with her opinions but still but literally the nicest person ever is something I adore about her.

VIC - resident Scottish badass and one of the funniest people I've ever met. You can always count on Vic to kick someone's ass for you while simultaneously finding pictures of the fabulous butts of German footballers. I will forever be jealous of how Vic can balance a full-time job, being queen of the story section, writing pretty much all of the Mag articles, and maintaining a garden without killing all of the plants. I also admire Vic's intelligence so hard, she'll pop into the chat and school you on UK politics and the inner workings of the music business without batting an eye. I hope I can be that amazing one day.

EL - I feel like no matter how many times I talk to El, I'll never stop admiring her and feeling like I'm not cool enough to talk to her. She's so chill, I honestly have no idea how she manages to stay so calm and level-headed literally all the time. All I can think of when I talk to El is wow you're so cool how do I get to be this cool. She'll forever be your biggest cheerleader and whenever she's around I feel like I can be the most productive person in the entire world because she's like YEAH YOU GOT THIS. Her optimism and carefree attitude is so inspiring.

Special shoutout to Sam, my favourite sweetheart, and Kimi, our crazy wildcard, who haven't been around in forever but HAVE TO COME BACK BECAUSE WE MISS YOU.

These lovely humans inspire me so much to be the best version of myself. They've each taught me something, whether they've known it or not, that I will forever take with me and I will always strive to be as amazing as each one of them is. They've set the standard for what a group of women who build each other up should look like and I adore them to pieces.
April 3rd, 2017 at 09:43am