Dead Macbook Pro... Help?


So for the past two weeks, my 2010 Macbook Pro 13.3" (that's a mouthful) has been stuck on the prohibitory symbol. AKA, the circle with a dash from it. Also known as the No-Entry symbol?

I have been trying to get it off there and nothing's worked. I've tried the whole PRAM thing, tried to put it in safe made, er, basically anything I could do on the keyboard I have done. I think I tried them right, I don't know, I'm a computer genius.

Anyway,, does anyone know how I could possibly fix this? I'm afraid the hard-drive is totally broken because of course I dropped it (it was in a bag, I knew I shouldn't have put in like, a regular bag) and I dropped it in a moment of annoyance.

Then I remembered "Hey, may laptop was in there."

I figured the drop was what caused it because two weeks later it went into total prohibit mode. :(

A possible solution I've heard is to take out the external drive, put it in this case thing and hook it to another Mac and see if I can use it as an external harddrive and get files off it that way.

Does anyone else have any ideas? I am seriously dying. It has all my files and I haven't backed anything up on it in yearssssssss. This has hapepend so many times (the whole, laptop's breaking down on me thing) and you would think I'd know to back stuff up but... Well, actually, I did used to do that then my hard-drive went missing like five years ago.

Still doesn't explain why I didn't upload things to Google Drive.

Sigh. I'll take any and all advice unless it's like "Go to th Apple store" because that's not possible. There isn't one in town and I don't think I'd want to ship my already broken Mac somewhere where it could be broken more in transit.

So, yeah, advice?
April 9th, 2017 at 08:46pm