Quantity vs Quality of Comments

Hi Mibba!

In the realm of all honestly, I haven't written on Mibba in a hot minute, which means to say, my Mibba experience might be a bit dated. A few years dated. Granted, I wrote gay fiction in the tail-end of it's popularity on here too, which I think also super contributed to my experience. So. TRANSPARENCY. GOT THAT OUT OF THE WAY. GOOD.

And while I haven't been writing on Mibs per-say, there is one thing that I do miss about Mibba: the quality of the comments.

I'm also going to be completely honest about something: I don't read my story comments on Wattpad all that much. If it's a newer chapter I just posted- sure. Of course. I try to respond! But if it's a past chapter/finished book, I may glance at it at my newsfeed on web if it's right there, but if I'm on the mobile app, I'm usually not specifically clicking to see what it is. I know. Sacrilege.

To be fair, I just don't have time. I mean I appreciate every single person for taking the time to comment on my story, to even read my story in the first place, but sometimes 500, 1k, 2k etc notifications = a lot of scrolling from me.

It's really this weird quality vs quantity thing when I compare Mibba to Wattpad comments- and at first I thought I might be romanticizing the past a little bit, nostalgia and whatnot, but before making this I decided to take a quick looksie at my comments pages and it's been so long that I was just floored. Absolutely astounded. Honestly, say what you will about Mibba, you guys are some of the best commenters out there. My heart instantly died when I saw paragraphs- paragraphs!- in comments. And none of those were from a comment swap either.

Wattpad easily wins in the quantity competition- yes, there's no question of that. I'm pretty sure while I was updating my story regularly on Mibba, I was getting somewhere between 15-30 comments an update. Regular updates on Wattpad are more in the realm of 200 - 500 comments, depending on how far into the story I am. Obviously, big difference. And when it's finished, even more. Sometimes a chapter alone can amass over 4k comments. And I'm by no means a big hitter on Wattpad. Some of my friends get 5k+ comments a chapter while updating. Some completed stories have 100k comments for a single chapter. They got the numbers over there.

Inline comments on Wattpad really do promote multiple, small comments though. I love the feature- I think it's fun seeing exactly what line in a chapter got people the most, of course. And I use it too. But I gotta say, at at least 50 - 75% of my comments are under 5 words. A lot of "ahaha" "update" "love this!" "too funny!". Which again- not complaining by any means. The idea that thousands of people are reading my work and enjoying is still mind-boggling to me.

I guess that's where there's an upside- your work is reaching more people, and I like that thought. Even if they don't express it as much! Some of my favourite small little comments are when people go I dropped everything to read the new chapter! And that kind of thing just warms my tiny little heart.

It's just seeing actual sentences in a comment is a rarity, and some people do- don't get me wrong! I do have a few regulars who are just heart eyes, but seeing the Mibba comments just touched my heart.

You guys really take the time to go hey- this was cool, this is what I felt, I think this is going to happen etc. And those are some of the best kinds of comments.

Again- I don't know if the same sort of response would happen now, but I just felt all warm and fuzzy about how great you guys are! I think that if anything, you guys should be proud that even though Mibba is a relatively small community, and it's not like millions of reads are pouring in, but you guys make up for it with your heart!


1. Do you write on Mibba/other writing sites? What's your experience with comments?
2. Do you think you'd prefer 10 really thorough comments, or 1000 couple word comments?
3. How're you? ^^
April 18th, 2017 at 04:40pm