Feeling Myself | MOH Stuff | Boys

Hi guys! Blogging seems to be how I'm keeping myself active here for now. I wanted to update tonight, but I have to be up early for work, so maybe I can start working on something tomorrow.

This past weekend I was actually off both Saturday and Sunday. It was soooo nice. And y'all, I was feeling myself on Saturday.


This shirt. My lipstick. I FELT SO GOOD. I was full on strutting when I was out.

I met up with my best friend and my co-Maid of Honor, because my best friend finally picked a wedding date and a venue! April 28th of next year is the day! So we started discussing some stuff like dresses and the bachelorette/bridal parties. I'm pretty excited to start planning all of this. I think our dresses are going to be a mint color, which I'm totally into. We're probably going to look for bridesmaids' dresses in July, so that's the next big event!

As for boys, oh man, they are exhausting. I've been talking to two recently, and they both just want pics and dirty talk. Now, don't get me wrong, I like pics and dirty talk (sometimes). But can you at least try to get to know me. The first guy was trying so hard to get me to hang out with him. I considered it, and was going to, but then I decided not to. You know what? Why am I going to waste my time with someone when it's not what I'm looking for and I already know it isn't going to work out? I tried to get to know him and he just gave vague answers or would just go back to asking me my bra size. "What are you wearing? ;)" I CAN'T! No time for fuck boys, friends.

1. How are you all doing?
2. Show me pictures where YOU feel awesome!
3. Going to any weddings/any dreams for your wedding?
4. Funny interactions with potential sexual/romantic partners?
May 23rd, 2017 at 01:26am