Introducing Tabi!

So as some of you may remember, I have a friend name Tabitha who I have been best friends with since we were young girls. We had many adventures together online and in real life and through thick and thin we've always remained friends. Even when we didn't talk to each other.
She has made a Mibba and I know she'd love a good ol' fashioned Mibba welcome.
Her Profile Is Here!
She loves anime and animals, is a retired army vet, and writes as well!

In other news, I've been having some hand numbness. Just my pinky finger and the side of my hand on the left side. Its been constant for the last few weeks. I let my doctor know about it last week and she said that I probably have some pregnancy swelling that's pushing on my nerves and causing the numbness. I have a wear a wrist brace until further notice but first, I must get the wrist brace. I have no money so I'm hoping my brother still has his from when he broke his wrist. Conveniently, it was the left wrist so his brace will fit.

I wrote like 100 words last night. I spent too much time on Facebook and not enough time actually working on my story. The story of inspiration: Hardwired. I'm really trying to get out the next chapter for everyone's reading enjoyment. Along with one for The Lure of a Vampire and maybe even Everlasting. Good news is, my fiancee says I can get the SATA cable I need this weekend to transfer my data to my lappy and then I plan on returning it for store credit or whatever because honestly, I'm only gonna use it once.
May 23rd, 2017 at 02:29am