Have you ever felt worthless??

To you:
I'm sorry for being a burden.
I'm sorry for talking back
I'm sorry for letting you down
But i'm not a little girl anymore,I can handle those things.
Words can hurt,I know that I'm not like other teenagers.You say it's my future,well it is,but you still act as if you control it.And only I know what I really want. I'm not going to sacrifice my present for my future.

But I really don't want to take that subject anymore.If I had continued with it,next year would have been a lot harder.And I dont want that kind of extra work.

And You:
I'm glad I got you,not someone abusive and demoralising
But sometimes I think you're old fashioned,there are some things which you don't understand.
I dont blame you,cause you're not me.
And you don't act as if you know about me either.
But why did you have to go with HER,the OTHER woman
She's a WHORE
It's obviously she loves you only because you have money
Even though you are'nt that rich
But i'm glad you understood me at a time when I needed it the most

You guys are the only parents I have and thank you so much for tolerating me,I know i'm a failure,
A terrible student,and an even worse daughter.
I'm sorry that you got me,once im off living in the dumps with no money,just act as if you never knew me ok?

Exams were shit
Failed maths,failed higher tamil,failed chinese special program
Which is why next year,I can't take higher tamil and i'm quitting chinese
That's what quitters do,
especially worthless ones like me
I havent told my parents yet,I want them to find out from someone else other than me
That makes me a coward,a worthless coward.
Everything were C5 s and C6 s,highest grade was B3

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October 20th, 2007 at 11:40am