Tall & Fabulous (Fanmix Yourself)

Did I basically copy your title, Fae (and your layout)? YES I DID AND I HAVE NO REGRETS HAHAHA

I'm joining the bandwagon of fanmixing yourself because these look so fun and I wanted to do my own so here WE GO

reminds you of your favourite season / day / month: Let's Do It Again - J Boog
I heard this in the summer when I was on the verge of making new pals and it played in the club the night that I first heard this song and I remember singing along and sweating my ass off to this, despite the slowish beat. You can't get more summery than a song as CHILL AS THIS.

is your favourite pump up song: Party Up - DMX
I'm not sure what pump up refers to exactly, but this is what I listen to if I'm pregaming or if I'm working out.

has a colour in the title: Gold - Kiiara
Who doesn't enjoy this song, honestly. Was also tempted to do the remix of Halsey x Troye but cbf soz fae

that makes you want to fall in love: for him. - Troye Sivan
I am aware this is a song totally not written for me, a straight gal, but THIS SONG IS SO GOOD AND WHEN I SAW HIM LIVE I MAY HAVE ALMOST 100% COMPLETELY DIED BECAUSE THIS SONG IS DEFINITELY ONE OF MY FAVOURITES FROM HIM. Also it was my sig for a while, so. And doesn't the vibe of the song make you go YES I AM READY TO FIND SOMEONE TO FUCK ME UP EMOTIONALLY bc same.

is your favorite cover of a song: I'm a Fan - Pia Mia ft Jeremih
Apparently this is a cover off some Nigerian artist so there we go. I love her voice, it's so soft and angelic ~

you sing in the shower: Feels - Calvin Harris ft all the babes
HOW CAN YOU NOT SING ALONG TO THIS. It's my current jam rn so of course I'm up in all the vibes.

reminds you of someone: Bad Intentions - Nikyee Heaton ft Migos
I think I've spoken about this before, my best friend showed this to me during a time of a mad dnm sesh and yeah, it's one of my favourite memories with her because it's like, our song.

you’ve fallen in love with recently because of the lyrics: Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld
At first when I heard this song I was sceptical of what the lyrics would be, given the title but damn this impressed me. I am ALL for a feminist anthem.

is your favorite 90s/2000s song: No Scrubs - TLC
I'm legitimately so offended that I have to pick JUST ONE SONG, but here we are. It's easily one of my top 3 songs, it's my go to anything but I didn't want this song to be the only one I chose for all the topics, lmfao.

you want to hear live: Bring it All Back - S Club 7
I'd only accept hearing this song if the whole band was back together, complete with dance moves and everything. Such a banger. I still replay their performance from the Children in Need thingy that they did.

is from a genre of music you don’t usually listen to: A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me - Fall Out Boy
WHAT A CLASSIC. Fifteen year old me was into FOB and ATL and the like, and naturally, this was one of my faves. Apparently they're coming around my birthday next year and if they are, YA GIRL IS FULFILLING HER FIFTEEN YEAR OLD ANGST.

you know all the lyrics to: Baby Got Back - Sir Mix a Lot
I mean, don't judge me. Pls.

makes you feel invincible: Feels So Close - Calvin Harris
I don't know what it is about this song, but it brings out these hopeful, positive feelings like damn I can't do any wrong when listening to this. If I need a pick me up, this is what I listen to. I will never get sick of this song. And also, I want to see this live too.

you listen to when you’re sad: Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Here's the thing: when I'm sad, I listen to angry shit. Or shit that hypes me up. This song was great when I broke up with my ex, and I'll never forget how much it helped me move on. Shut Up (Simple Plan) is another fantastic song, for more general life purposes. (CAN YOU TELL I LIVE IN THE PAST)

is by your favorite artist/band: Too Much - Kehlani
I'm not sure if I have a favourite artist of all time kinda thing, but Kehlani is one of my favourites and this song is in my current sig. She's about positivity, equality, and being your badass bitch self. And I'm seeing her NEXT MONTH OH MY GOD I may cry when I see her despite us being the same age hahahaha bye

makes you feel like going on a road trip: The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls
This is self-explanatory, I feel.

you wrote your most beloved story to: Sweet Serendipity - Lee DeWyze
Wrote this to Where the Wind Takes Us. I mean, I stole the title from the song, so. HAHA. I'm still debating on whether to write the spinoff or not because I mean, it doesn't need a spinoff but I MISS WRITING THAT STORY SO MUCH OK

reminds you of one of your otps: Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammer
I'm going to cheat a little here and for one of my fave gals, Addie (The Fuckers), can be a bit of a negative nancy and damn girl, keep your head up. Focus on yourself. GET BETTER HUN. So my otp is the relationship that Addie has with herself.

is an instrumental song that you love: Something Classic - Zuper
God, I looked extensively on Spotify and my iTunes to find this song. It's mostly instrumental, so there we go. Super chill and vibey and cool.

the end credits roll to: Still Got Time - ZAYN
I wasn't sure what to put here because I had a few to think of, but I've been so obsessed with this song since it came out so. Not only is it catchy af, but the lyrics I love too. Slow down y'all, you got time to look for love and shit. And @ me. Not that I'm actively looking for love per say, but I need to remind myself that damn, I'm only 22 and I have the rest of my life to settle down but for now, have fun and do your own thing ~
July 12th, 2017 at 02:28pm