Nobody Likes You When You're 23

Hi friends!

So today is/was my birthday! I turned 23. It's kind of weird because I'm officially IN my twenties. Like I'm as close to being 30 as I am to being 16 and that seems crazy. I'm happy but also feel funny since I'm still figuring life out, but I know I still have plenty of time left.

I got a new phone case, a new coffee mug, a t-shirt that says "auntin' ain't easy," from my niece, and I'm getting a new bike. My mom also bought tickets for the two of us to go see Jake Owen in September. She's always been a country fan and I've been getting more into it recently, so that should be pretty fun (plus, he's real nice to look at).

Back to work tomorrow (4 days off was sooooo nice) and figuring out what's next, but I have so much stuff to look forward to in the upcoming months. Here's a list of some things I'll be up to:

tequila/margarita festival

the maine/aar/dashboard confessional concert at central park
going to virginia to go bridesmaid dress shopping
niece's 1st birthday

yankee game
jake owen concert


Hopefully I can update some stuff this week. I have the next chapter for Piece by Piece halfway done, so that should be easy to finish up. Life is okay.

1. When is your birthday!?
2. Anything you want for your birthday?
3. Anything fun coming up in the next few months?
July 17th, 2017 at 04:03am