Dedication Story.

Hi guys,

So Im still reeling over Chester. Still feels surreal. Had their back catologue playing ever since I heard, it reminded me of how much I appreciated their music and how much they helped me with their beats over the years. The lyrics still speak to me even after all these years, They were relevant when I was 14, and their still relevant now - Just in a different way.

In memory of Chester, I will be writing some personal drabbles of my own struggles with depression and opening the dialogue - If anyone ever needs to speak, please speak. I care, I know, We all do in a way - We're here. I personally, feel this very hard, especially as a fan of both Chester and Chris Cornell. Their friendship was beautiful, and I only wish they have found each other, wherever they are.

I have also decided to change one of my upcoming story ideas, to incorporate their music - Both Chris's and Chester's. They both made wonderful music and I will forever thank them. There will be a special dedication to each song, and chapter written for each song that touched me emotionally in my hard times. Those song's got me through the dark places, and now they'll get my characters through the dark spots too. Their music will forever help people survive. Living, or fictional. Immortalized.

As some of you know, I've been given a warning from the hospital to stop putting myself in stressful situations (I have what they call 'An internal alarm going off' ie: Im pushing myself to my death just trying to survive). Ever since the news broke about Chester, I've been second guessing everything Im doing in my life to do with my career (the main source of my stress.) Listening to Linkin Park's old music has opened my eyes a little more to how completely happy I've been to be treated like shit by my boss lately.

Thanks Guys, You helped me realize I'm done.
Once again, You guide me.

I hope every one else is doing okay.
July 24th, 2017 at 02:26am