Shatter's Story Recommendations List

**UPDATED: 9/25/17**

Hey there lovely people!

Here is just a blog to contribute to the Mibba revival project: My Story Recs

They are all stories I have been subscribed to here that I absolutely adore. It's been awfully quiet as of late here. And I kinda miss getting all excited for the email notifications. So here I am, starting a fire. XD
So without further delays...

Shatter's Story Rec List
*In no particular order*

Sweet Like Sugar by wonderyear?
~This story is so freaking cute and hilarious, with bits of touching parts that really makes me feel fuzzy on the inside... do yourself a favor and check this story out!

Harbinger by RiotGurl
~This one only has its first chapter out but the concept is so intriguing and I was hooked within the first few lines.

Seas of Affliction by GreatUnknown
~The very descriptive style of writing, the lore and the strong characters... oh and mermaids. Honestly, what more can you want.

The Sound of Silence by wannabegingerkid
~This one is for the Star Wars fans... primarily Kylo Ren fans. If you love Star Wars as much as this writer, go and have a chat with her!

You by TrexReach
~What I love about this story is the way it is told through what I think is a series of letters or journal entries. This is yet another beautiful work.

The Trajectory of Planes by PoeticMess.
~So this story I just had to read because multiple people recommended this one. And I am grateful that you guys did because wow. Maddi(PoeticMess.) does an amazing job pulling her readers into her world, and took time to create the languages, the people, her characters... You have to read it!

Bookwarm by Audrey T
~If you're a Supernatural/Destiel pairing fan, you're in for a treat. Even if you're not a fan, I think you would still very much enjoy this one! I'll admit, I am not normally one to read fanfiction pairings, but if all of them were this warm, fluffy and sweet, I may be converted.

Mademoiselle Noir by Manbear-n'-Me!
~This one-shot is about a suspenseful, action-packed showdown between two badass assassins... need I say more?

The Girl From the Woods by J. Keating
~If you want something simple yet shocking, you need to check out this story. Suspense, mystery, murder... this writer will push you in with her unique story telling and beautifully stark narratives.

青い空 by rinku
~This piece, titled "Blue Skies" is a profoundly beautiful piece. Soothing, descriptive and powerful all in just a handful of words, this story is truly extraordinary.

That's it for now! Were any of these something you guys would consider reading? I don't like getting spoilers so I didn't give any! Go discover these stories!
At the very least, please give these guys a rec if you liked their story. And if you have your own list of stories you love from here, please share! Write a comment, or hey a whole blog! Honestly, there are so many talented writers here in this community.

Let's support one another... who's with me?
August 27th, 2017 at 06:06am