I'm Living in a Horror Movie.

This past month has been a real horror movie guys.

It all started when I decided to move 400 miles away from where I’d lived for two and a half years due to a bad break up and an even worse experience in a homeless shelter. I decided that I’d try and start a new life in Bournemouth because during a holiday visiting my new boyfriend (who lives a bit further south than Bournemouth) I fell in love with the beaches and town. It’s beautiful and honestly, it made me feel so much better than living in the north ever had.

So, I found a place on Gumtree that seemed too good to be true. It was within budget, the tenants seemed great and the landlady was an artist who lived on site which I thought would be better. Boy, was I wrong. About a week after I moved in, the landlady started bombarding me with abusive texts and making me feel like shit. After three years clean of self-harm, I started cutting again because I felt that low. The only time she was nice to me was when the boyfriend was around.

It stopped after a couple of days and she apologized, saying that she didn’t mean a word of it and that even though she’d told me to leave the house in those texts that she would never make me homeless… And I believed her. As my friends all point out, I can’t help but see the best in people due to my autism and being very naive.

But then the texts started again a week later but this time, she started screaming and getting n my face, telling me the world and my boyfriend would be better off without me. Saying that I was gonna trap him and stop him from going to uni (he’s nearly 26 – a mature student). She even accused me of selling my body due to not having female friends, just male ones.

I believed every word she said.

She then sent me texts telling me that I was a liar, I was scum and that I had 48 hours to get the fuck out of her house of she’d called the police to have me removed.

So, a week ago last Sunday, I took an overdose and cut myself pretty badly. One of my friends saw my status on Facebook saying goodbye to everyone and thankfully called the police who in turn called an ambulance and got me rushed to hospital.

God, I’m so grateful for her doing this or I wouldn’t have made it – the doctors told me a couple of days later that they weren’t sure I was going to pull through as the amount of pills I took should have shut my liver down. I mean, I was on a drip for four days and had so many blood tests taken that I still fill like a human pin cushion.

The “lovely” landlady at first started texting me, telling me she was sorry for pushing me over the edge and that she felt guilty… Two days that lasted before she messaged my boyfriend telling him I’d flipped and that he was in danger so he should keep away from me and just drop me. No, I’ve known my boyfriend since April, we’rE friends and run in the same circles so he knows me and has no reason to believe that I’m violent or believe her claims that I have a criminal past when in fact, I have a warning over possession for weed (lol, who doesn’t?) but that’s it.

She took it a step further, she not only has gotten rid of everything I own but she also claimed the police were after me… They’re not, they’re now pressing charges of harassment against her as she will not leave me alone.

The police are now involved, I’m currently staying with the boyfriend for the foreseeable future out of Bournemouth but I’m scared for my life guys. This woman is literally contacting all my friends and making me out to be a murderer.

I have no possessions anymore, I have no home and I have no idea what’s going to happen in the near future. I’m tired of being this scared and feeling guilty.

There’s no real point to this blog post, I just needed to get this all out in the open because keeping it bottle in is hurting my heart.
August 30th, 2017 at 06:38pm