Teen Wolf + Therapy


I got some pretty devastating news today; I've been working towards getting therapy for about a year and a half now, and last month I was guaranteed I would start therapy in October. I was actually crying when I got the news, because I've been struggling on my own for too long. Today I got a call, them telling me that the therapy they wanted to offer me has fallen through and that I was put on another waiting list, for yet another undetermined amount of time. I am angry! They promised me, they freaking promised me and they pull the rug out from under me again. I know stuff can happen, but after one and a half years of being told "soon", this is getting out of hand. This care system that we have in place is absolute trash, and the government wants to cut into it even more.

* * *

Anyway, I've been rewatching Teen Wolf. I'm a massive Dylan O'Brien fan, and while season 6B has been entertaining and much better than seasons 4 and 5 combined, it lacks my favorite character. I know, I should be glad he's even returning at all, but it's lost so many of its key characters over the years that it's lacking this power that it had before. So, I decided to rewatch seasons one to three, and I've arrived at season 3B. Season 3A was powerful in it's own right, but nothing has ever lived up to 3B. The acting is absolutely stellar, not just from Dylan. Everyone was on point! Plus, 3B still has a lot of core characters that have since left, or vanished without any reason.

I remember talking to my mom about the final of 3A, which got her intrigued and we started rewatching it together. I remember 3B beginning and me having to wait for my mom to get home, so we could watch it together. Every week it tested my patience more and more, because it became better and better. Actually, I think it never regained the power it had during season 3, and though I have enjoyed season 6 thus far, it's not as powerful as season 3. I always tell people, if they find the special effect of season 1 horrible and have a hard time pushing through, to stick it out until season 3. I guess I just really love season 3.

* * *

On another note, I've been clean for 6 weeks. I was, or am as it never really goes away, addicted to my prescribed headache medication. These meds only gave me more headaches the longer I used them, and I had to break the cycle. However, the headaches (migraines) would get worse before they'd get better, which meant every fiber in my being was being tested. 6 weeks and 5 attacks later, I have achieved a goal I never thought I'd reach. I'm taking preventive meds now, which are supposed to make the occurrences of migraines less and when I do have one of these attacks, more manageable.

So that's it for now,
Later Gators.
September 14th, 2017 at 07:55pm