NaNoWriMo or Something Like That

Basically every time I've attempted to finish NaNoWriMo I fail miserably which is something I hope to change this year.

I'm hoping to get some friends together (aka you guys) to really push ourselves to get it done because I need some pushers in my life. I've got a whole lot of "do whatever you want"ers and I don't need anymore of those. I need some people who will see me slacking and actually put in an effort to see me succeed.

Sooooo if you want to do NaNoWriMo and also like to nag, I'm your pal!

Here is my NaNo story, by the way, followed by a general synopsis of the plot (of the entire series) for anyone who wants to ruin it for themselves. (If you don't want to ruin the plot, take a look at the story and the summary I've left there for the single book.)

The Echo: Glass City

Basically I've created an entire pantheon of gods. The main character's eventual patron god will be the goddess of knowledge, but there's also the gods of war, love, and the unknown (not to be confused with the territory Unknown), and the goddesses of death and wealth. (These are their main things, they have subdivisions as well. Such subdivisions become more important as the story goes on, i.e., goddess of knowledge is also the goddess of development and prophecy.)

The gods all get trapped in 'slumber,' which is really just them stuck in mortal form having completely forgotten that they're gods. As the story plays out, it becomes increasingly more obvious that political figure and "Renegation" spearhead Jeremy Payne is the culprit of this, because he's actually the god of the unknown, and the god of the unknown is resentful because everyone prefers to pray to the other gods. (Think Clash of the Titans Hades plot, basically.)

However, as time wears on and everyone comes to realize that even Payne himself doesn't realize he's a god, it comes to light that the reason everyone's been put into slumber is not one of their pantheon, but the forgotten gods created later from devoted priests and priestesses to lead previously mentioned subdivisions of godly power. The threat from beyond the border that causes Rees and his father to leave in the first place is the following of outcasted Echoes who eventually created their own society and follow this new pantheon of gods, who are seeking to overthrow the original pantheon of gods.

So the series will revolve around returning the memories of the gods, returning their powers, and stopping the threat from outside of the Echo.
October 15th, 2017 at 10:05am