I Need More Friends

I'm going to go shopping with my mother today. Nothing big, just to the store outlets. She needs to get a few things before her cruise. After that I'll probably just come home, straighten the house and watch the boob tube before I get ready for work tomorrow.


I need to make more friends. I need to hang out with more people. Today I saw three people on facebook asking for: more guy friends, more gay friends, more older friends. Y'all, come on now. I'll go shopping with you, then I'll grab a beer with you, heck I'll join your knitting circle if you want. I just need more things to do on my weekends and more people to talk to.

Problem is, when you're from a small county, you already kind of know everyone, and everyone thinks they already know you. So, they kind of just overlook you in the friend pool. I did get invited to two Halloween parties and one wine party so maybe I'll go to those.
October 15th, 2017 at 04:03pm