I Am So Stressed - 26th October 2017

26th October 2017

I am on a downward spiral to an absolute disaster.

I am barely sleeping because I never do, but also because the floor boards of my house creak and the walls are thin, so when my housemates walk across their bedroom above me I hear it so loud. I can hear them talking too, and it just makes sleeping really hard.

It's been about a month without medication too. I'm trying to sort my GP stuff out but it's still not happened. The receptionist was lovely and said she'd try get it sorted for me tomorrow since it's a pretty urgent request.

I'm finding this report very hard to do, but it's being made harder by other students asking me for help. One girl said she didn't go to the practical so doesn't have anything for the results. It just makes me feel so used because she didn't bother turning up then wants me to give her the stuff she missed. That's not my job, and I'm stressed as it is. You've already had a year at this university where you've got the help to writing papers like this. I've had a year at a university where it was almost entirely exams with no aid towards writing any sort of scientific paper. Do not expect me to come to your aid when you have a life jacket and I've got a deflated arm band.

Here's hoping I get some sleep tonight. Then I can just be stressed and without medication, rather than stressed, without medication and tired.
October 27th, 2017 at 01:04am