Leaving Mibba? Not Sure Yet

Well its official I'm pulling out of Nano, but I will continue this story at some point. I actually kind of like it. I, however, need to get back to the basics of writing for a while. Meaning pen and paper. I recently found a few stories that i still feel passionate about and I want to continue on with them. However, they are notebook stories if that makes sense.

I miss doing my notebook stories. There's only one that I'm going to work on for the moment. That way when I edit and rewrite it into the notebook I wont have much to do.

It's called Winter Memories(Good-bye Letters)

Nathan had his heart ripped out when he finds the body of the girl he has fallen deeply in love with in three short months. As he sits and reminiscence about their past he cant believes he missed the signs, but he wouldn't change a moment they spent together. Winter was his everything.

This story was from 2015 around the time I got my heartbroken(again n by the same guy) while also being backstabbed by various 'friends'. I lost my excitement for it, but I cant wait to get back to it.
November 21st, 2017 at 02:11pm