Classic Life.


So in classic fashion, life's thrown me another curve ball in the form of hemiplegic migraine's.
Last night, one whole side of my body went numb and drooped, I was unable to speak properly and I couldn't swallow right. I lost complete function on that side. I could move my fingers, but it felt like intense pins and needles, but I couldn't move anything else except one side. It's was terrifying.

It passed rather quickly, once I calmed down I just passed out, straight to sleep. It was so strange.

I've always had migraines, but lately it's getting worse and now this. The other day I lost complete vision for over an hour. And now this, making me extremely paranoid.

What if I have to quit work? We're struggling enough as it is. What if it starts lasting for longer? Some people are reporting having the stroke symptoms for more than 24hours! Just as I finally start to get my life on track, and this...this bullshit happens.

November 28th, 2017 at 02:05am