Once A Day Blog 28: Emotional, Mental, and Physical Exercising and A Tip to Help Continue to Write

I'm going to share with you something that has helped me and hopefully it can help you as well.

Exercising can go beyond just your physical structure. It can also become a part of your "physical emotion structure" or "physical mental structure."

The concept of physical meant to create a form of stability used from certain materials. However different materials can be used to build stronger stable structures.

Every physical structure has one simple job and that is be a base or support for additional building and growing. Emotional and mental structures are built on our experiences just as our physical bodies gain muscle from the experience of working out, eating foot, ETC.

To build on your emotional and mental structures to help yourself become the person you want to be, one of the best methods to use is literally to "exercise" your mind. Your mental state and your body will always grow with whatever material you give it. If you desire to wanna be a certain way, then slowly overtime set your mind to practicing the experience and eventually your mind will grow and build on the experiences you've practiced. If you wanna change your diet or the way you treat people or even wanna just be a happier person, exercise those feelings and let your emotions and mind get used to them and eventually you will start to become them.

You will fail countless times but don't be discouraged. I have failed also but kept going and eventually things got easier.

Exercise can also be a form of expression and expression is very important. If you don't exercise certain parts of yourself, they will not become strong. Over time they will begin to break down. This happened with muscles of the body but can also count for a person's emotions and their mental state. If you don't express your emotions, they will overtime become weaker and sometimes they may even disappear in certain areas such as romance, companionship and even intimacy. Too much of these can also overload you to the point where you can become immune to it's important not to overindulge.

With writing, it's good to exercise your skills every now and then to tell your mind that you want writing to be a part of your self expression, even when it's constantly evolving. What's kept me going with writing for so long is that I exercise the art of self expression and imagination. As long as I write from the heart and let the expression flow, I can keep going without looking back at my work and scrapping it every couple pages.

I hope this blog is helpful to someone! Thank you for reading it and have a good night :)
December 1st, 2017 at 01:59am