Read This Spooky Poem! (Give Away for Erin!)

Hello, Mibba! how's it going? I'm here to recc a lovely poem by the amazing Ghoul Scouts (aka Erin).
The poem is called Daddy Forbids. It's a Halloween themed poem and boy is it spooky. It captures the very essence of a parent's worry of what could happen on halloween and at the same time it captures how anyone can become satan's child. It's also a bit funny (I think that's due to my weird sense of humor.) but either way, you guys should check out this poem!

And yes, I am now Webby Vanderquack. I wasn't feeling my Evangelion Xmas theme so i just changed to a ducktales theme.

Well that's all for now! See you all later!

December 7th, 2017 at 01:06am