Overnight Illness and Long-Term Stress.

Truly, I feel like I need to get some things off of my chest...and update myself as of current standing.

Everyone gets sick, that's a fact. Typically I get sick at least twice a year, so I'm not surprised by the cold I have right now. What the weird thing is, is that it's almost like it suddenly started becoming symptomatic overnight into this morning. I'm not even joking around. I had been trying to avoid everyone's colds in this house, and I had thought I was safe, up until my boyfriend had given me a kiss, thinking his incubation period was over...nope. So, I guess I am to suffer until it decides to leave.

This next topic is far more serious than being sick, but it more than likely lowered my immune system. Some topics I mention, may have some content that I'll advise right now. Proceed with caution.

Having a love for A7X, has gained me plenty of friends over the years, and I truly can't complain in the slightest when it comes to it. However, there are times when I'll come across the toxic people. The ones that should be left in their own odd solitude.

Two years ago, I started talking to this girl whom told me a lot of things about The Rev (many of those things being untrue), and it caused a huge split in our friendship. She admitted to those things, and it gave me enough reason to give her another chance, but I truly shouldn't have. She's got herself wrapped around the finger of some guy she has never met a day in her life, and is either making up lies about being in an abusive relationship, or is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Either way, she and I are not on good terms...yet she constantly runs to me for help, though I don't want to help out a person who doesn't listen to me. I've even tried to cut her off, but she'll pull cards that I really don't like having pulled. Toxicity is all I smell in the air with it.

My hair has been falling out, and my appetite keeps fading away each time she drags me into this situation, and I don't know what to do about it. She won't let me distance myself, but I can't keep sitting around and constantly play the superhero anymore. Why save her, if she doesn't want to be saved?
December 7th, 2017 at 05:53pm