I'm Done.

Honestly this is me after writing this chapter of Playing God:


Just 9,000% done with my brain. I wonder why I'm so unmotivated and feel so blah all the time. Well, golly gee.

Could it be because I write such graphic descriptions of such horrible scenes?


Could it possibly be because I take my favorite characters and throw them into terrble, perilous situations in which they are ruined physically, emotionally, or both? Who knows.

I can't escape myself. Though god knows I try.


I dunno, man.


How is everyone today? I took my male dog to the doctor to get his shots. He also has arthritis in his right hip, so now every single one of my dogs is on medication.

Yay me!

I'm starving, but too lazy to move to make food. Maybe I'll die here, who knows.

I hope you all are having great days so far!
December 8th, 2017 at 12:34am