Once A Day Blog 31: Kiyo Nakamoto Story Ending and Future

I only currently have 43 chapters posted on here but I do have a bit more written. I recently finished Chapter 118 and What I actually plan on doing it finishing out the story at chapter 144 before I start posting only because I don't want to leave people hanging. One of the most annoying things is reading a story, getting to the end, and realizing it was never finished. I want everyone who reads my story to know that they won't be disappointed in the end result of reading the story. I originally planned to make 300 chapters but that is very exhausted to do mentally plus I feel as though it's about time I did ground the story and gave it a proper "ending". If I do decide to make more, then I will continue it with a sequel series that will have the same characters but will not be too reliant on the first installment, that way people can have a better understanding of the important parts of the series. If I did make a sequel it will probably only have about 56 chapters to end it at a perfect chapter 200. If I did make a third series, it will for sure be the last and it will spam 100 chapters ending it at 300

I really hope you enjoy this blog and if you'd like to read Kiyo Nakamoto here is a link at the bottom. Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays :)

December 10th, 2017 at 03:03am