Once A Day Blog 34: Depression, Low Points, PTSD

Feeling low and depressed at times could mean a number of things but hopefully I could help shine some new light as to why these things occur and how to handle them. I am not here to preach to you ways to make yourself move on from your pain, because there is a reason why you are feeling them and that reason needs to be honored by you and it needs some attention.
I'm going to try and get a bit deep in this blog, but not too deep to where it is confusing. You have many different people who will tell you thinks that may not work for you, so I am here to try and offer solutions that are different from what you would normally here.

So a lot of the times, when we feel sad or depressed about something, it's usually because we're missing something. When a part of our emotional or psychological mind has no place it will manifest as negative emotions. Negative emotions and low points in our lives are our mind's way of telling us something is wrong and needs attention. When at your lowest state of mind, it it important to understand these key things-

1. Never make any significant decisions in life and do not overthink anything when you are feeling low because they are only existent in the moment, they too shall pass.

2. Sadness, depression, and anxiety are only concept experiences which only manifest in parts of our own minds which do not have acceptance or sense of peace. Understand what emotions and thoughts are making you feel sad, whether its shame, worthlessness, or something else. Once you find the piece of land this "depression" is anchored, you can work on breaking in down so that you may freely sail.

3. You will only understand what parts of yourself need attention, once you are at your lowest state of mind. So it is important to take advantage or your depression and use it to help understand what parts of you need attention. Once you are out of your low state of mind and you have energy again, you can then work on finding things that help give place to whatever emptiness this "Depression concept is attaching itself to.

I have suffered depression and PTSD myself and today I even had an episode caused by my PTSD. I realize that this PTSD may not go away entirely but I'm not gonna blame anyone for what happen to me even if someone else endured this pain on me when I didn't ask for it or could do nothing to help myself. Instead, I think of my experience as an opportunity to help others who may be going through the same.

At first I was filled with such hatred that I told myself I don't care if other people go through what I went through. The damage was done to me and I can't fix it, so why should I help to prevent them from being damaged like me?

I overcame that and now I'm taking control of my PTSD. I didn't ask to receive this pain, but now that I have it, I can give it a positive place in my life so that it won't haunt me as much.

My pain and depression, were only tools of chaos that I had to use to create something new in myself. People tried to put me on medication, but I knew there was a reason I felt the way I did and I will understand why that is. I can see that other people don't suffer as much as I do but we all share the human mind, which means we are capable of understanding and achieving their comprehension of life. I did not compare myself to other people, but I understood that there was a possibility that I could be happy, and that is all I needed to help me along my journey to self recovery.

I suffered from many disorders and disabilities and I still do, but everyday I struggled to overcome and understand them until I got to where I am now. I want to find meaning in my pain, not escape. Maybe you can do the same. However I've been working on myself since middle school and I still have ways to go, but now I have a formula to help me through the process

This are things that have helped me in my journey. I really hope you find this in great health. Please message me any questions and I will try my best to help you with it. Have a good night.

Final Thoughts... Also understand that mental disorders were not AS common in the older days. There is a reason for that... Mental disorders are really "glitches" and signs of special gifts you may have. Take that as you wish, but mental disorders become harmful to others and yourselves when they are not understood...
December 22nd, 2017 at 04:14am