This is going to be a trans blog where I discuss my own issues and open up about them.

One of the things I have been struggling so hard with is trying to squeeze myself into the box of the stereotypical boy/guy/man image. I feel like if I don't fit into that box, I'm not valid. And it sucks, because I know on some level that I don't have to fit into that box, that I personally have the power to smash that box to bits and accept that I live outside of it. But that still doesn't help when it comes to feeling valid.

Today I didn't have the best day, I've just been feeling very dsyphoric and emotional. I really wish that my sister was still alive because I know I could just talk to her and tell her all of this and she would just say that she still loves me.

I think one thing I'm really going to try to work in the next year is feeling valid and just feeling more accepting of myself.

I hope everyone is doing well.
December 30th, 2017 at 01:53am