Since everyone else is doing it lol...2017 has been a weird year. I accomplished a lot, which you would think is amazing. I graduated from college, the next day I got offered a full-time position at a big company, I went to Mexico for the first time in my life, I fell in love, I moved out, I changed my look (by wearing glasses all the time and dyeing my hair), and I got a hamster.

Unfortunately, just because you accomplish a lot doesn't mean that you're supposed to be happy.

2017 was a whirlwind of emotions for me and I didn't recognize that they're actual issues until very very very late into the year. A lot of that stems (which I feel like is stupid) from 2 breakups with the same person. The last couple months in particular have been difficult but I've regained some hope that things will look up in 2018.

The enormous key word here is some. The bar is set incredibly low for 2018, so I'm really hoping not much can make it suck.

But, I do have resolutions. It's stupid to make resolutions now since no one ever goes through with them but I think for my own mental state, it'd be nice to focus on goals and try to achieve them. Some of these you already know because I've mentioned them in previous blogs but it's also good for me to have them written down somewhere.


1. Write and finish Wonderland so I can self-publish it in 2019
I've been writing a lot more frequently than I have for the last couple of years. I'm also outlining Wonderland, so hopefully that'll help. I'm thinking one to two chapters a week will help keep me on track. I'm excited about this one because this is actually an achievable goal and it gives me something to look forward to.

2. Learn how to cook since I'm living on my own
I already started this one today, I made mashed potatoes and it's really creamy and yummy so I'm proud of myself. I'm thinking of cooking something new once a week, even the smallest of things, would help me a lot. Like, I can bake pretty well, if I do say so myself. But I screw up frying an, I need hella practice.

3. Go to the gym every week day since it's like 5 steps from my apartment (I literally chose this unit so I wouldn't make any excuses)
Obviously everyone makes one similar to this but I started this one too! Before I had to go back home for a week, I spent 30 minutes every day for 4 days straight at the gym and already saw a difference. Plus, there's a really cute guy that goes to the gym at the same time so that's nice to look at heh.

4. Love myself
The most important one. I had this resolution a few years ago but I somehow lost all confidence in myself this year. I used to think I was pretty great to have around but now, not so much. The world could probably be better without me in it 'cause it's not like I make any difference, but that's also the mentality I should let go of. Obviously I'm far from achieving it, but I figure this is the way to become happier in 2018. So loving myself, I think, entails not putting up with toxic people, learning to forgive, accepting my flaws instead of constantly self-blaming myself, dating myself (like to movies and dessert and whatever), stop compromising myself for people, etc. I don't know, this one seems the most difficult to do, but let's hope.

5. Don't let Mochi (my hamster) die, she's supposed to live for 2-3 years
I would be so sad. I'm already so attached to her tiny lil face (seriously, she's a dwarf hamster so she's tiiiiiiny). I went to Petco yesterday and got her a smaller exercise wheel because the one my brother gave me ('cause him and his fiancee are the ones that gave her to me for Christmas) was enormous and she was too small to move it. AND SHE LOVES THE THING. Omg I heard her running in it all night long. It made me super happy.

6. Get a dog and hope he/she doesn't eat Mochi
Barfi and Bintu wanted to eat her when they were all at my parent's house. But they're also terriers who're bred for that kinda thing, so maybe I shouldn't get a terrier. Or just keep Mochi on high ground at all times. Either way, I still plan on getting a dog at some point.

I think that's a pretty decent list to focus on. I'm ready to leave everything about 2017 behind forever and move forward 'cause I'm over it.

I hope you all have a great New Years!
December 31st, 2017 at 08:07pm