Goodreads Anyone?

Does anyone else have an account on Goodreads? I really want to make a few more friends on there since then I have more chances to snoop through whatever someone else is reading to decide if I want to read that book as well. Currently I only have one really active friend.

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So far, my New Years has consisted of eating leftover fattening food with the boyfriend while playing video games. Did I mention we're still wearing our pajamas? Not a bad start to the new year if you ask me. Tomorrow it's back to work for the both of us, and yesterday morning (at 7AM to be exact) my manager was blowing up my phone telling the team that this-or-that didn't get done cleaning wise, so I can expect a large lecture when I go in for work tomorrow.

How's everyone else's new year going?
January 1st, 2018 at 08:41pm