Alex's Unposted Stories

I was just going to go with the title Unposted Stories like Sam's blog but I didn't want to be a complete ho so I just thought I'd be a half ho and try out her challenge.

The Fuckers - I mean, I've literally had this story idea since 2014. I've rewritten it so many times because each time I felt I haven't perfected it in the way I want it, so I'm hoping that at some point I can rework what I have and make it 1) realistic and 2) aware. Basically this story is about a girl that loses her brother and everything else in her life falls apart, so she moves in with a family of boys (you know the trope, it was very popular on Wattpad for a time). The story was supposed to be focused more on loss and trying to gain sense of self and strength, but I'm struggling to write that as I can't really relate. So I'm hoping with the next (and final) rewrite, I do some mad research and do it some justice. In my head I've planned about 30 chapters (30 seems to be my magic number, apparently) and as far as I'm aware, it will not have a sequel.

Covert - this story is like my little baby because it's sassy and fun but it incorporates crime, which I enjoy writing. I have a lot planned for this story, but I just need to sit down and really hash out the plot since I want to basically post easter eggs all over the place, but can't do that with something unplanned. I have no idea how many chapters Covert would have, but I could envision 40+, definitely.

Lies Spoken, Trust Broken - this is something I thought about writing in 2017 and wrote the first chapter, but found it difficult to continue writing. If you read my last blog, I mentioned ending friendships with my two oldest friends and since our friendship (I felt) was in a constant frustrating period in 2017, I didn't feel inclined to write a story about a deteriorating friendship. Now that the friendship irl is over, I'm hoping at some point I can commit to this again. Probably not for a while because I have other stories on my mind.

Alice's Coffee Shop - I've also been working on this story for a hella long time and many times I stopped with it because it bored me but there are characters that I like enough to want to write about them. I don't intend for this to be a long story, maybe 20-25 chapters? This was going to be the story I focused on writing this year but when I hit road bumps planning this, I turn to my final story --

Set Sail - as in, the sequel to Where the Wind Takes Us. God, I love this story and the characters so much. When I wrote the last chapter, my heart felt heavy but it felt good finishing something I knew I had put so much into. I wrestled with whether I wanted to write a sequel / spinoff of sorts, since I didn't think the original story needed one? But with SS, it'll be in James' (and Nat's) perspective, the focus being more on James' though because he's my fucking favourite character I've ever created hands down and I felt like he had a story that he could tell. There'd be no sequel to this but I would so be down to write little vignettes as to get out my feels. Before posting SS though, I need to edit WTWTU a little but besides that, I am so ready to put my heart and soul into this. I did a bit of writing for it during nano and I love that this is the story that words come so easily. Ahh. So so so excited for this one.

Alright I think it's pretty easy to tell that Set Sail will get mad love this year. Hopefully I can actually sit down to write out a plot and then pump out chapters like no tomorrow.
January 3rd, 2018 at 01:29pm